Life Coaching

LIFE COACHING is the second phase of help, after LIFE TOUCH.

This is where clients begin to meet with one of our Case Managers in order to map out next steps toward self-sufficiency and beyond meeting a one-time need. It might just take meeting one or a few times, but a client can be in a life coaching relationship as long as they want. This could involve things such as:

  • Developing/Maintaining a Household Budget.
  • Resume/Job Application Assistance.
  • Identifying and Setting Life Goals.
  • Assistance in Applying for Benefits.
  • Other Basic Life Skills, such as Shopping for Groceries or Clothes on a Budget.
  • Spiritual Counseling.

*We provide a two weekly Bible Studies:

  • Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless One Stop Drop In Center (Tues at 8:30 am).
  • The Christian Outreach Center (Thurs at 9:00 am).
  • Breakfast is served at both studies.

Addiction Recovery Group (Alcohol/Drugs) meets twice monthly on Tuesdays at The Alliance House Residential Facility. E-mail our Counseling Intern, Eric White, at for the schedule and more information.