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That’s a Wrap! Housing the Homeless Concludes

“I’m so blessed, emotional, speechless and grateful right now. They’re truly blessing my family and we feel special. Thank y’all for everything.”

– A. Lanus, “Housing The Homeless” participant.

Some of the most vulnerable populations to the COVID-19 pandemic have been the homeless. 

Through Housing the Homeless, Mrs. Lanus was provided with furniture as well as essential items necessary to make a house a home. She will now be able to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in her life. We were able to give her and her four children three vehicles filled with daily living essentials. 

With the advent of COVID-19, there was a unique opportunity to help the homeless from various tent villages and the streets of Baton Rouge.  We found temporary housing and resources, but the virus isn’t temporary. 

Homeless groups living in close proximity, without access to health care or hygiene, create high risk zones for spread of COVID-19 infection in Baton Rouge. In response to these public health challenges, the Christian Outreach Center of Baton Rouge in partnership with Louisiana Housing Corp got to work locating sustainable living where risk of infection can be controlled, and these at-risk populations can be prevented from returning to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

This Summer, Housing the Homeless concluded with semi-permanent housing for 126 households. This means that 187 individuals (141 adults and 46 children) now have an incredible opportunity for safety and cycle-breaking growth.

This initiative provides opportunities for homeless men and women to get back on their feet and change the trajectory of their life for the long haul. The Christian Outreach Center will work with them to find stability in an apartment with the goal of equipping them for sustainable lifestyle changes and job opportunities. This wholistic approach can transform our community and provide real change to the systemic poverty effecting these men and women.

Christian Outreach Center Executive Director, Brian Sleeth, notes that the impact will not stop there, “Our Housing the Homeless Project is complete. The crew did an outstanding job. From the seeds planted with Housing the Homeless will come a future Furniture Bank and Donation Center!” 

This initiative will not only change the lives of the individuals in the apartments, it has the capacity to transform the Baton Rouge community. Thank you to each person who participated in this initiative. Together, we chose hope. We look forward to continuing to make our community better together for years to come!