Metropolitan Council Bans Encampments


Last night, The Metro Council of Baton Rouge passed legislation which makes living outdoors illegal in public areas, punishable with up to $250 in fines, $25 for the first offense, and public service. (The Advocate)

Those who are experiencing homelessness in our community need access to long term solutions, found in gainful employment opportunities, sustainable housing, and proper medical treatment for mental health and substance abuse challenges. Community engagement and transformative services are the only effective methods of addressing homelessness in our neighborhoods.

The work of the Christian Outreach Center is more critical now than ever before: The population of those experiencing homelessness is rapidly on the rise, almost doubling since 2019. Our brothers and sisters need us to walk with them on their paths to self-sufficiency.

At the COC, we're working each day to meet the needs of those experiencing homelessness in the Greater Baton Rouge Area, but our work is magnified and transformed when we partner with our community members. We are incredibly grateful for the citizens of Baton Rouge, legislators, and service organizations who already work with us tirelessly to build a sustainable solution for those experiencing homlessness.

If you're looking to address the challenges of homelessness in our city, we'd like to personally invite you to visit our Outreach Center, volunteer in our programs, and give in support of our mission. Transformation is not achieved by the few but by the many working together. Walk with us, and witness the collective power of our efforts and the transformational change they bring about.

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